Serenity Home | Minnetonka

Welcome to Minnesota Wellness Center LLC’s “Serenity Home.” A maximum of 6 residents in our Customized Living Services setting share a home. Each person has their own bedroom TV; other living spaces are shared, offering a great opportunity to socialize and develop friendships.
We help each person live as independently as possible, while still providing a safe and supportive environment. Individualized planning includes many types of personal development goals and normal daily activities, such as preparing meals, learning about safety concerns and participating in community activities. We also believe it is equally important that care plans for each resident incorporate each individual’s hopes and dreams.

Trained, Professional Staff

All staff members are trained in CPR, First Aid and the Vulnerable Adult/Maltreatment of Minor Act. Plus, all staff receive ongoing specialized training based on the physical and emotional needs of each individual we support. In addition, a chef is on-site, preparing healthy meals, 7 days a week.


Along with a sense of community, MWC LLC recognizes the importance of access to transportation so that residents can fully participate in community activities. We provide rides for residents for medical appointments and other activities.
Serenity Home, located in a quiet neighborhood in Minnetonka, is a 6-bedroom, 1-lvel home that includes a wheelchair ramp, a relaxing backyard, and 3-season port. Serenity home has immediate openings for residents. We are now conducting intake consultations for adults between the ages of 21 and 65. Serenity Home is staffed 24 hours/day, and an RN is on call 24 hours/day.


Serenity Home – MINNETONKA
11103 Oak Knoll Terrace N.
Minnetonka, MN 55305
Al Farah, Manager: 703.405.5435
Ubah Shirwa: 612.618.5841
Fax: 651.646.0950 | minnesotawc@hotmail.com

Hope House – Hopkins

Hope House is a four-bedroom, two-level home located in a quiet neighborhood in Hopkins.

Hope House has immediate openings for residents. Currently, we are conducting intakes for adults between the ages of 21 and 65. Hope House is staffed 24 hours. We have a RN Nurse on call 24 hours/day.